Laboratory of Excellence LipStic

Key developpement impacts

LipSTIC has developed new scientific strategies, gathering people from local INSERM/University laboratories, Clinical Investigations Centers, University Hospitals, CGFL and the French blood bank in BFC. It is also strongly interacting with the TRANSLAD and INCREASE university / hospital federations of the BFC university. The LabEx has created the “lipidomic plaform”, opened to all its members, and has contributed to biobanks associated with clinical cohorts through the BFC “Ferdinand Cabanne Biological Resources Center”. In addition, two M2 trainings (one with the Equipex IMAPPI and the other connected to the E2S Doctoral School of UBFC) were raised by LipSTIC. The Labex has also contributed to the « Terres de Louis Pasteur » foundation (part of the PIA program) for education aspects. The “SATT Grand Est” has assigned personnel to LipSTIC, and has supported the creation of  “EndoQuant” business unit and the SuperMAPO startup. Now, half of LipSTIC LabEx expenses is covered by resources from external private or public partners.

Synergies with the partners external to the initiative

LipSTIC gathers 17 partners in BFC and outside : Gustave Roussy Institute, INRA, INSERM, University of Montpellier II, Uni-versity Paris-Sud, Amylgen and Nexidia companies. The LipSTIC network has expanded, with new partnerships including with other PIA projects (EquipEx IMAPPI, CRYOSTEM & CANTO  Biobanks, LabEx INFLAMEX, EcellFrance, FHU INCREASE) and the CNRS 3MIM Project.
International projects are fa-voured by the Equipex through:
– Collaborations with companies outside BFC (e.g. US company Trifoil Imaging, full-member of the Equipex Consortium)
– Its support to EU Master train-ings, especially the Erasmus+ MAIA joint Master in Medical Imaging and Applications, coor-dinated by Girona University (Spain), and involving the Uni-versity of Cassino (Italy) and the University of Burgundy.

Other contributions of the project to the initiative

Leadership of LipSTIC members in the 3rd axis of I-SITE proposal: “In-novative care tools for chronic and inflamma-tory diseases; human expertise sciences; integrative patient-centered care ap-proach.”
The facilities available through the Equipex will enhance the BFC attractiveness for aca-demic or private pro-jects.
With the Labex LipSTIC, IMAPPI is building a the new international Master project named “LipTherapl”

Any enhancement of the project potential by the initiative

Among expected effects of I-SITE :

  • To increase interna-tional visibility
  • To raise additional funding to allow fur-ther development of the LipSTIC LabEx, and to reach self-sufficiency on the long term (i.e. beyond 2019).

Since imaging is very effective for customiz-ing medical care, a strong support of IMAPPI by the I-SITE project is expected because it is indeed a key resource for the I-SITE field “Compre-hensive & individual care”. The I-SITE pro-ject will also provide a strong support to company projects in the field of pre-clinical pharmacology, imaging and chemistry of contrast agents. It should also facilitate the emergence and establishment of new businesses.
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