Laboratory of Excellence FIRST-TF

Facilities for Innovation, Research, Services and Training in Time and Frequency


Main goals :

  • To show visibly the French coordination of the T/F research community, and to ensure the best overlaps and complementarities between the existing coordinations.
  • To improve the capacity of T/F teams to propose collaborative research projects in the frame of large existing projects (for instance ACES/PHARAO, metrological fibre network utilization…) or for starting new projects, with high risks but also high potentiality.
  • To increase the interactions between laboratories and industry, with the will to improve the transfer of technology and know-how
  • To build innovative education and training offers on T/F metrology, with envisaged thematic extensions to high precision measurements and their applications.
  • The last but not the least goal of FIRST-TF concerns outreach, and especially the popularizing operations towards schools and general public. Various aspects shall be explored: website dedicated to the popularization of T/F, public conferences, mobile exhibitions for schools, etc…

Cryogenic Saphir Oscillateur at the ESA Deep Space Antenna in Malargüe (Ar)

Silicon MEMS Resonator

Silicon MEMS Resonator

FIRST-TF key figures :
• Creation in 2011
• 15 associated labs and 15 agency or industry
• Budget: 6.5 M€ over 8 years

More info :
Contact : Enrico Rubiola –