Field #3:
Comprehensive individual care

Innovative treatment of chronic and inflammatory diseases; human performance sciences; Integrated and patient-centred care

Molecular chemistry for medical imaging and theranostics

Research and développement One of the two research axes of the Institute of Molecular Chemistry of the University of Burgundy (ICMUB, UMR CNRS 6302) is entitled “Health, medical imaging and therapy”.ICMUB develops innovative tools for the design and the synthesis of new imaging agents and theranostics : Synthesis of efficient chelators of relevant metal cations […]

Description of scientific achievement of the LipSTIC LabEx

As major public health concerns, cancer and inflammatory diseases are pathologies with urgent medical requirements. A novel concept has recently emerged and relies on the ability of lipoproteins to distribute essential bioactive compounds and drugs throughout the body, and to neutralize and eliminate bacterial proinflammatory mediators. The LipSTIC LabEx is a multidisciplinary research program forming […]

Biom’@x : towards a technological translational medicine

Partners : FEMTO-ST, CHRU (CIC1431), EFS Bourgogne Franche-Comté… Biom’@xSciences and technologies is a pluri-science research axis aiming at developing smart devices able to understand (as fully as possible) a living system under study. This understanding should lead to the determination of behavior laws that, through prognostic approaches, allows anticipating the evolution of these systems with […]

Microrobotics for early detection of pathologies and minimally invasive surgery

Main UBFC partners : FEMTO-ST (departments of AS2M, MN2S, Optics and biom@x), Labex ACTION, Equipec Robotex, CHU, Centre d’Investigation Clinique de Besançon (INSERM CIC 1431), UTINAM (UMR UFC CNRS), Statice… Multifunctional mechatronic systems include a combination of mechanics, electronics, control engineering, computer engineering as well as photonics and vision. They are studied in all top-level […]

CLIPP : CLinical and Innovation Proteomic Platform

Main UBFC partners: FEMTO-ST (Dpt MN2S), ICB, IFR-santé-STIC, IFR133 Ingénierie et Biologie Cellulaire et Tissulaire, UFR SMP, Cell Biology Lab, INSERM, INRA, ICMUB… Other partners: Horiba Scientifics, Bruker, INRA (Toulouse), INSERM (Montpellier, Lyon), CHU Montpellier, INSERM CIC 1407 Hospices Civils de Lyon, CEA (Grenoble and Saclay), BioMérieux, «Intégration du Matériau au Système » Bordeaux laboratory […]