Equipex µROBOTEX


Partners: ETIS, FEMTO-ST, GIPSA-Lab, Heudiasyc, IRCCyN, INRIA-Rennes, ISIR, ISM, I3S, LAAS, Institut Pascal, LIRMM, ICube, Institut Pprime, TIMC-IMAG.

Exploring the nanoworld and building nanorobots able to interact with nano-objects are major challenges of today’s research and require high performance equipment.

The μROBOTEX platform is a facility dedicated to the development of micro/nanorobotics and micro-assembly projects on objects whose dimensions are below 10μm. Access to the facility is open to academic and industrial partners for their research and/or development projects.

μROBOTEX was funded by the EQUIPEX ROBOTEX (N° ANR-10-EQPX-44-01) of the PIA (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir) and the Region of Franche-Comté. Equipment: 760,000 € (excl. tax), operation: 97,000 € (excl. tax) and Staff: 105,000 € (excl. tax).

Ludovic Godard (UFC)

Ludovic Godard (UFC)

μROBOTEX consists of a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), a FIB (Focusing Ion Beam) and a GIS (Gas Injection System). The SEM has a wide chamber (500mm diameter x 300mm height) able to host a 6 DoF microrobot, a laser interferometer and various tools for handling and characterization of micro/nano-samples. Located at ENSMM, in the AS2M department of FEMTO-ST institute, μROBOTEX has been operational since early 2014 and first SEM imaging and FIB experiments have been successfully performed.

The aim of μROBOTEX is to provide researchers in micro/nanotechnologies with competitive instruments at the international level. Combining knowledge on microsystems, physical and chemical phenomena at nanoscale and control theory, this facility represents a unique environment for automated micro/nano-assembly and position/force feedback manipulation and characterization of samples. A main goal of μROBOTEX is to improve robustness at nanoscale through joint use of SEM-based visual servoing and control feedback with embedded force/position sensors

Contact : microrobotex@femto-st.fr